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The Great Reset & The Workplace Revolution

The Great Reset & The Workplace Revolution – G. Brown

There is a revolution going on.

Inflation, the Cost of Living Crisis, Recession, Austerity, Cryptocurrency, A.I., ChatGPT, War in Ukraine, Mortgage Rate hikes, War in the Middle East, Trump, the list goes on.

As we seem to lurch from one crisis to another, these events capture all of our attention. 

But beyond the headlines, there are major social, economic, demographic and technological  shifts that have been taking place at breakneck speed.

And they are all affecting how easily you will secure and grow the future of your career. So much so, that the game has now completely changed. 

What once secured you with a job for life just a few years ago – no longer exists. 

And as radical new changes, threats and crises appear on the horizon – a new set of variables have arisen that are changing the workplace forever that, if not understood and adapted to quickly, will jeopardize the very future of your career.

Asia, Automation, Outsourcing and Ageing Populations have all contrived to create a whole new world of work for all of us.

Your education is not as valuable as you once thought it was. Your skills are not as special as you believed they were. Your experience, not as unique as it was only a few years ago.

Power shifts are happening everywhere and it’s not being reported.

Companies are becoming flatter, more connected, more collaborative, more global, more decentralised, more dynamic.

In this new world of work there is a global talent pool of skilled people everywhere. Companies are relocating to lower labour cost countries whilst robots replace once human tasks, taking whole industries with them.

14 million job will be lost over the next 5 years.

(World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2023).

But a whole new set of skills are in constant demand.

In this new world of work your value will no longer be determined solely by your qualifications, which Ivy League, Russell Group or Oxbridge institution you studied at, your skill set, or even your experience.

Instead, a whole new list of variables are now at play.

These massive structural changes in the economy, technology, demography and work I refer to as the ‘Workplace Revolution 3.0’

This Workplace Revolution will leave many once valuable individuals by the wayside as a new paradigm shift ensues. But in it’s wake new opportunities abound for those prepared and positioned correctly. How can you do the same?

Traditionally, Workers trade their time for Money.

Freelancers value time over money and seek to achieve the ever elusive ‘Work-Life Balance’.

Entrepreneurs value riches, and seek a passive income and early retirement.

Opportuneurs’ however are a new breed.

Opportuneurs seek purpose and want to create change. They follow their passions and look for opportunities where they can use their talents to create this change.

By following their passions, their purpose and their talent, control over their time and their wealth flows effortlessly.

In this new Workplace Revolution the Age of the ‘Opportuneur’ is upon us.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling the following:

Stuck in your career  – not being able to progress in the timeframe you want

Unfulfilled – endlessly carrying out meaningless tasks of no real impact; 

Undervalued – not reaping the full rewards of the value you deliver. 

Then maybe it is time you become an Opportuneur. Those who choose not to become Opportuneurs will find themselves becoming ever more marginalised as the Workplace Revolution marches on. Those who join the Age of the Opportuneur will find freedom, purpose, joy and huge financial rewards in their work they have been looking for.

To become an Opportuneur you have to acquire the 8 Assets of the Opportuneur. Some of them you may have developed already. Other may just need improving. But for those who develop all 8 – a whole new life awaits.

To learn about the Age of the Opportuneur,  what it takes to become one, and how you can make a successful career change or successfully start a new enterprise, even if you have no paid work experience in that area, then sign up to to get notified of the next Masterclass.


Get the latest insights from the Workplace Revolution 3.0. Equip yourself with the knowledge that will help you accelerate, change and grown your career during these ever changing times.


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