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take back control

land your dream job love what you do increase your salary |

career change support for mid-level professionals 
get the security, fulfilment and salary increase you deserve 
accelerate your career in 30 days. guaranteed 

Take Back Control

Stop feeling frustrated trying to secure that great new job.

Land your next great new role in as little as 30 days. Guaranteed.

Love What You Do

Stop feeling like work is unfulfilling or meaningless.

Rediscover your talents. Replot your career journey.

Change career, land a job you love and never ‘work’ another day. 

Grow your Flow

Stop being undervalued and underpaid. Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.

Realise your true earning potential and increase your salary level. 




Future-proof your career

Landing a secure, fulfilling role, with better pay or working conditions in today’s fast-changing world requires the latest career strategies fit for the modern world of work.

Take back control of your career:

Secure a new role where you’re able to grow

Gain a greater feeling of purpose and satisfaction in your work

Get properly acknowledged and financially rewarded for your contributions

Leave the frustrations behind and achieve an amazing career change in just 30-90 days.

Are you ready to take back control of your career?

10 Years

successful career transformations


professionals & execs supported 


4 step career navigation method

Get into 'careerflow'

Most career change support focuses on getting you your next job. We’re different. 

We focus on future=proofing your career by getting you into ‘careerflow’.

When in ‘careerflow’ you’ll be able to attract the best roles to you,  land a role that fulfills you, and increase your salary to earn your true worth – without the usual stress, headaches or setbacks.

Getting into ‘careerflow’ won’t just help you land that great new role, it will equip you to manage the growth of your career for your whole working life.

Do you want to Accelerate, Change or Grow your Career?


Which of these statements is a 'yes' for you?

I find it easy to get just any job, but harder to land that great new role

It’s taking longer to land a new role than anticipated

I’m not getting interesting offers

I’m not getting great offers via LinkedIn 

I’m in between jobs

I’m not getting headhunted 

My CV isn’t delivering for me 

I’m not crushing the interview

It’s been a long while since I’ve had to find a new job

I want to increase my salary

I’m working in a toxic environment

I don’t have the working terms I need 

I’m not doing the interesting work I expected to

I’m tired of my boss 

I’m at risk of redundancy  

I get stressed about going to work on Monday 

I’m ready to change jobs now 

I just want to land a job I’ll love

AYC30 - Accelerate Your Career in 30 Days

Land your next great role in as little as 30 days, without the stress

Take Back Control

Answered ‘yes’ to any of the statements above? 

Learn the method that has helped over 3,000 people overcome the challenge of landing a job they love and secure your next great role in the shortest time.

Become a Career Accelerator and:

Get the confidence to go for the best roles

Get inundated by recruiters vying to represent you

Get poached by professional headhunters

Increase and earn the salary you deserve

Get the job fulfillment you’ve been seeking

Get to decide the terms that are right for you

Get to work with the coolest companies

Never worry about being in a job you don’t love

No more fear in leaving your current job.

No more frustration trying to change jobs

Never worry about being ‘between jobs’ again

No more feeling ‘unemployable’


Do you relate to any
of these statements?

I’m feeling burnt out

I’m ready to change career now

I don’t have the working environment or terms I need

I’m at risk of redundancy

My industry has changed

I’ve fallen out of love with my career

I’m scared to leave my job and start anew

I don’t know how to ‘rebrand’ myself

I’m worried about how AI may affect my job

I’m not sure what it is I want to do

I see roles that I’d love to go for, but hesitate

I don’t know how to change career successfully

I’m tired of settling for an unfulfilling work life

I wonder if it’s too late for me to change career

It feels like time is ticking away fast

I’m worried I’m gonna have to study for 3-5 years again

I know what I want to do, but keep putting it off 

I sometimes feel weird because I don’t have a ‘passion’

It’s time to change my lifestyle 

Career Revolution 90

Answered yes to any of the above statements?

Master your transition to a more fulfilling, rewarding
and meaningful career that you love.

90 Day Career Change Program

When you become a ‘Career Revolutionary’ you will master:

The 8 Steps to a Successful Career Change 

How to get the confidence to go for the best roles 

How to get the confidence to work with the coolest companies

How to successfully change career or industry

How to get the job fulfilment you’ve been seeking

No more fear in leaving your current job

No more frustration trying to change jobs

How to Increase and earn the salary you deserve

How to get poached by professional headhunters 

Get inundated by recruiters vying to represent you to employers

How to rebrand yourself

How to finally love your job

Learn the lifelong skill-set that will secure your career future: 

The most important skill required for the 21st Century”, Yuval Noah, (best-selling author of ‘Sapiens’)


Do any of these statements
strike a chord with you?

I feel as if I’ve hit the ‘glass ceiling’

I want to start earning six figures 

I want to go ‘self-employed’ but don’t know where / how to start

I want to freelance but don’t want to struggle financially 

I want to quit the 9-5 and start out on my own

I’m already self-employed but earning low 5 figures

I’m already self-employed but feeling burnt out

I’m ready to take my solo career to the next level

I want to get off the feast or famine rollercoaster 

I want to earn consistent revenues

I want to know what’s the right type of solopreneur career for me

I want to become a digital nomad

I don’t know whether to be a coach, consultant, trainer, freelancer, maker, trader, advisor, creative, affiliate  or other

Opportuneur Academy Growth Challenge

If the answer’s yes then learn how to smash the glass ceiling, successfully go solo, and grow your freelancer, contractor, consultant coach, creative, solopreneur or senior exec career – without the fear of ‘feast or famine’.

Grow your 'Flow'

When you become an ‘Opportuneur’ you will master:

where to focus your attention to grow your solo career fastest

how to rebrand your business for guaranteed growth

how to engage with prospects to get fast results

how to pitch and perform well in public 

how to scale your online profile on or off camera

how to adopt the right growth strategy for your personality

how to scale your operations without increasing your time

how to grow your salary inside a job

how to achieve real ‘career-flow’

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About Us

don't work. play.


work is a fundamental part of life. it shapes and defines us. 

finding a job or career that provides you with the security, fulfilment and growth you require in order to live a happy, full, meaningful and impactful life we believe is an inalienable right that every person should be able to experience.

at careerevolution we’ve been helping people achieve this for over 10 years.

but we are now living in a period of unprecedented and rapid change. 

that’s why our aim is to equip one million people around the world with the most important skill required to attain the security, fulfilment and growth that comes from having a meaningful career, through these ever changing times:  the skill of reinvention.

with the ultimate aim of helping you achieve the flow state we call: ‘career-flow’.  

when we reach this goal we believe it will spark a movement…

a movement of  career accelerators, career revolutionaries and opportuneurs,  all who will have developed the skills required to adapt and pivot themselves freely and easily in order to take advantage of whatever new challenges and changes to the world of work that come our way – regardless of robots, recessions, outsourcing, or a.i.

and through our rise we will show how anyone can be liberated from the drudgery of a meaningless job or a loveless career; can harness new technologies and not be left behind by them; land a job we love; achieve our own ‘career-flow’; and never have to ‘work’ another day.

and together, with your help, we will have sparked a career revolution.

we look forward to you joining us.

take back control

love what you do

don't work. play


career change support
for mid-level professionals


careerevolution assists individuals and businesses with executive leadership,  workforce transformation, outplacement and career transition support for today’s modern and fast changing labour market

“At the Heart of Our Approach Lies Collaboration,
and Support Enabling Us to Achieve Optimal
Results for Our Clients Together.”

Gary Brown is CEO and Founder of Careerevolution and is a Workforce Development & Business Growth specialist who advises  businesses, teams and executives on effective workforce strategies for the modern economy.

Known as a CareerFuturist he has over 20 years experience in economic development, workforce development, talent acquisition, business growth and change management across the private, public and third sector.

An expert in the design, delivery, management and evaluation of  large scale regional workforce change and economic development programmes, he has designed and delivered programmes for organisations such as SAP, Capita,, G4S, London 2012 Olympic Development Authority, Deutsche Bank, the Department of Work and Pensions, Reed Plc, as well as a number of notable tech startups and public sector bodies. 

He has helped scores of employers build and develop winning teams  and placed thousands of people into new careers through innovative talent acquisition programmes having also founded and run the recruitment and talent management consultancy – The Symmetry Group – for 10 years.

Gary has coached over 1,000 executives and professionals across the UK to return to work following redundancy and his true passion lies in advising individuals on how to align their talents in order to best develop their careers; and helping employers align the talents of their teams  to improve performance and increase employee well-being.

There are two strongly held beliefs that guide all of what Gary does: 

“When you match the right talents to the right opportunities and environment, something magic happens: both job fulfillment and productivity soars through the roof.”


“Employers who put employees before customers and culture before strategy will become the true pioneers of the new,  post-modern, digital economy”. 

Gary is author of the Workforce Revolution podcast series and the book ‘Accelerate Your Career in 30 Days – the Ten Secrets to Landing the Right Job Right Now’.

He is a public speaker and father of two.

“Employers who put employees before customers and culture before strategy will become the true pioneers of the new, post-modern, digital economy”.

G. Brown 

Founder & CEO, Careerevoluton

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