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take back control

land your dream job love what you do increase your salary |

career change support for mid-level professionals 
get the security, fulfilment and salary increase you deserve 
accelerate your career in 30 days. guaranteed 

frustrated? unfulfilled? underpaid?


In today’s fast-changing world

landing a more fulfilling role, with better pay and working conditions requires the latest career strategies fit for the modern world of  work.

Careerevolution helps you take back control of your career. 

Achieve an amazing career change in just 30-90 days.

Are you ready to take back control of your career?


Take Back Control

Stop feeling frustrated trying to secure that great new job.

Land your great new role in as little as 30 days. Guaranteed.

Love What You Do

Stop feeling like work is unfulfilling or meaningless.

Rediscover your talents. Replot your career journey.

Land a job you love and never work another day. 

Grow your Flow

Stop being undervalued and underpaid. Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.

Realise your true earning potential and increase your salary level. 

Getting you into 'careerflow'

Most career change advice focuses on getting your next job. We’re different. 

We focus on getting you into ‘careerflow’.

When in ‘careerflow’ you’re able to attract the best roles to you,  land a role that fulfills you, and increase your salary to earn your true worth – without the stress, headaches or setbacks.

10 Years

of successful career transformations


professionals and executives supported 


4 step career navigation method

Which do you relate to?

I’m tired of my boss

I’m not getting paid enough 

I’m not doing the interesting work I hoped for

I don’t have the working environment or terms I need 

I’m scared of leaving a job I don’t love

I’m at risk of redundancy

I’m working in a toxic environment

I get stressed about going to work on Monday

I’m in between jobs

I’m not getting headhunted

I’m not getting interesting offers 

I’m not getting offers via Linkedin

I’m not crushing the interview

It’s taking longer to land a new role than anticipated

I’m ready to change jobs now

My CV isn’t delivering for me


Take Back Control. Accelerate your Career in 30 Days

Get the confidence to go for the best roles

Land a great new job in the shortest time

Get to work with the coolest companies

Get to decide the terms that are right for you

Get the job fulfilment you’ve been seeking

No more fear in leaving your current job

No more frustration trying to change jobs

No more feeling ‘unemployable’

Increase and earn the salary you deserve

Get poached by professional headhunters 

Get inundated by recruiters vying to represent you

Never worry about being in a job you don’t love 

Never worry about being ‘between jobs’ again



AYC30 - Your 30 Day Career Accelerator

Land your next great role in as little as 30 days. Guaranteed



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