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Whether you need to land a new job quickly, change careers, get that promotion, or go out on your own – navigating all the pitfalls and obstacles to successfully making a career change can be daunting

Each has a different pathway and requires a different strategy.

If you are struggling with with landing a meaningful, well paid, career advancing role, you’re probably putting all your efforts in the wrong pathway in the wrong way.

This is what’s losing you valuable time, causing you more frustration, worry and stress and could be affecting your relationships, your health and your finances.

That’s why it’s important to find out which path is right for you as fast as possible.

So you can learn which route is gonna get you back on track to find a job you love in teh shortest time.

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Accelerate Your Career in 30 Days. The first and only system designed specifically to help you secure your next role in the shortest time.
AYC30 features the Top Ten Secret Strategies to Landing the Right Job Right Now.
The AYC30 system uses a unique approach to securing your next role in the shortest time by getting you a killer cv, getting you to crush the interview everytime, getting hold of the best unadvertised opportunities and lots more.
It’s not a collection of a few generic tips that will leave you as stuck and frustrated as you were before.
It’s not basic careers advice that any advisor might provide like “turn up on time for the interview” or ‘give a firm handshake’ that is either just common sense or you could find from any google search.
It’s not a collection of mundane tasks that leave you feeling uninspired and demoralized like so many other career transition programmes do and ultimately leave you still struggling to secure a new role months later.
No. Generic advice has failed you enough. It’s time for a solution that works perfectly with your requirements instead of against it so that you can experience the fastest and easiest job hunting and career growth campaign possible.
It’s time to take back control.

About Me

Hi, I’m G. Brown. Founder and CEO at Careerevolution.

I am a workforce development and business growth consultant of 20 years, and a Career Futurist.
That simply means I look at the trends that are happening in the economy, labour market, technology and culture and equip my clients with the right tools to successfully manage and take advantage of the huge changes happening in the world of work.

I founded my recruitment consultancy The Symmetry Group back in 2005 where we placed more than 3,000 people into new jobs over a 10 year period.

In 2010 – following the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 – we coached over 1,000 professionals out of redundancy and back into careers in less than a year.
I’ve coached over 3,500 professionals and senior executives in career transitions, and I’ve designed and delivered workforce transformation and recruitment strategies for FTSE100 companies such as SAP, Capita PLC, XPO and G4S, as well as delivered business growth for tech startups within HR like Job and Talent and Indeedflex.

And I’m known for helping professionals accelerate their career in as little as 30 days.

I want to share all the success strategies we’ve used over the years to help our clients overcome the frustrations, the lack of fulfillment, plus the lack of an adequate salary, that comes from being stuck in a job that is not aligned with who you really are.

Have you noticed how fast the world of work is changing?

It means that more and more people are at risk of being left behind or lost in dead-end jobs because they didn’t know how to adapt quickly enough.

But it also means there are huge opportunities for those who know how to position themselves correctly to take advantage of these changes -without having to start a business if you dont want to.

We are creating a whole new class of people who need never feel frustrated, unfulfilled or undervalued again.

These people we call ‘career revolutionaries’. They know how to create a meaningful and joy filled work-life full of autonomy, mastery and purpose by following their passions and achieving what I call ‘career flow’.

If this resonates with you then I invite you to join us on this journey and take back control of you career.

I hope to see you soon.

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